Original Poem 6: McFlurry Squirrel


Squirrels tend to get themselves into some pretty hilarious predicaments. For example:

McFlurry Squirrel

November 24, 2013 

A squirrel,


up and down,

up and down,

up and down,

in a fury,

a flurry of amber,

a fluffy, Butterfinger tail,

a neck surrounded by dried vanilla,

stuck to a plastic lid


What a predicament you are in

scurry, clunk,

scurry, clunk,

scurry, clunk,

like a frustrated mutt post-surgery,

cone collared and crazy,

your furious eyes

forced forward,

your head colliding

between bicycle rims

Scurry, clunk,

Scurry, clunk

Scurry, clunk


And me,

who happened to stumble upon such a sight,


at your misfortune


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