Original Poem 16: The Beowulf Poem


I wrote this poem in April of 2014 after reading a children’s version of the story to my class… And I completely forgot about it until now! I’ve stumbled upon it, as I am currently fishing through all of my old documents to recover first grade lessons, memories, and other useful artifacts (I’m teaching first grade this year instead of Kinder).

The Beowulf Poem

Shoulder strings dangled

like silver strands,

reeking of lifeless days to come,

bleeding tomorrow never come.

Screams interrupted

the lively feast of sons,

a breach unforeseen,

but was sure to come.

Mothers quaked at the

somber sounds of the unnatural

mother smothering sons. So long,

young souls, you’re not forgotten,

for fathers shall not forfeit.

And feign delight when she falls,

for revenge soon finds its culprit.