Original Poem 21: Seg-men-ting


This poem is dedicated to #BlackLivesMatter

July 16, 2016


Children learn to segment words

And blend them back together

To create

A word

An understanding

I-f         s-ou-n-d-s           r-e-m-ai-n           s-e-g-r-e-g-a-t-e-d

Understanding become laborious or unknown

A segment means one of several pieces that fit with others to constitute a whole

To segment is to divide

Segment is synonymous with segregate

To segregate is to separate or isolate one thing from another

To divide something from it’s whole

We teach our children that they must blend words together

So they can understand:

l-o-ve, l-o-ve, love

Yet not enough of us believe in the importance of teaching integration

And when people don’t learn how to blend themselves together

They become illiterate to humanity

And understanding is lost

Right now

We are l-o-s-t


Do you hear the sound

Of tears that drop like men onto the ground?

And we ask ourselves, “What can I do?”

Teach your children to blend

That they may understand